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Short URL is a fully-automated short URL service. Feel free to enter your URL into the form below and we will generate a shorter version of the web address. You can even create secure short URLs by choosing a password and only let through people who you give the password to!

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  • Shorten your URL
    Easier to remember, easier to work with, easier to include it in e-mails, forums, online communities, ... Check out examples below to see just how powerful this service is!
  • Your link never expires!
    Some other services will delete your link if you don't get enough clicks per month. Not here, at ABE5.COM your link never expires!
    We will never show any ads to your visitors. Just a direct link to your longer URL!
  • Secure short URLs
    You can create a secure short URL by choosing a password. Doing so will lock your link and only let through people who you give the password to!
  • Hide your affiliate links!
    Many web users have learned to ignore affiliate links and rather just type the target website URL in their address bar. By using an ABE5.COM short link your visitors will have no other option but to click on it!
  • Even hide your E-mail address!
    Yes, ABE5.COM works also with e-mail addresses! Hide your e-mail address from spammers and spambots, just enter into the form and then use the generated short URL to display your e-mail address!


Example 1

How do you feel about typing this long URL into your address bar? It is hard to remember, it can wrap in e-mails, you can easly make a typo, it can distort some websites/forums if pasted there, etc...,-

Wouldn't it be much easier to just use: (80% compression!)

And this is exactly what ABE5.COM does! It will shorten your long URLs to a short and easy to remember link. Just use the form above to start! It's FREE!

Secure short URL example

Lock your short URL with a password and keep unwanted guests away! Try clicking the link below, it won't let you by unless you type in the correct password: test (password: test)

Example 3

Now consider you have an even longer and more complicated URL, like the one shown below. Crazy! The choice is obvious, use ABE5.COM to generate a short version of your URLs!

ABE5.COM generated link is just: (98% compression!)

Example 4

Worried about your e-mail address? Did you know there are thousands of programs called spambots searching the web right now, collecting e-mail addresses from website that will alter be used for spamming? Use ABE5.COM to hide your e-mail address from spambots, simply type into the short url form (replace with your actual e-mail address).

Here is a sample e-mail disguised as an URL address. Click the below link and your default e-mail client will open with a blank e-mail for ""



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