Traveling While Going Through Opiate Withdrawals Can Be Very Difficult

It is fairly common for people who have been addicted to opiates for a long period of time, attempting many times to quit and failing, to do something extreme that will ensure success. One of the most effective ways to ensure that addicts don’t have the temptation to start taking opiates is by removing themselves completely from their environment.



It is very easy to call your contacts or your doctor in order to get prescription opiates once the intense withdrawal symptoms start to show their ugly faces. In order to combat this, many people try to go on vacation out of the country to amazing places like Bali so that they remove that temptation completely. While this is a noble venture, there are things that opiate users can do that will make this experience much more bearable.

opiate withdrawal

First, make sure that before you travel to Jakarta or other exotic places, make sure you have tapered off of your prescription to the most minimal amount that you can possible handle so that symptoms of daily withdrawals from opiates is less severe then if you tried to quit a larger portion immediately. Second, make sure that you have some pain killers ready if the pain gets overwhelming. Third, make sure that you have scheduled out your days while traveling to be very busy. This helps users to not focus on their symptoms but try to focus on enjoying their trips to places like San Francisco.


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